MKYNZĒ’s brand story begins with the vision of its founder, who has a passion for creativity and a deep understanding of artistic expression. Drawing on her experience as a Creative Director, Dance Coordinator, and Entrepreneur, she seeks to elevate everyday wardrobes with exceptional pieces that transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

The brand’s mission is to celebrate individuality and explore pockets of drama in personal style through bold, yet versatile designs. MKYNZĒ balances approachable luxury with a straightforward mindset when it comes to styling, striving to romanticize the monotony of life through its collections and make a bold, beautiful statement.

MKYNZĒ’s founder has honed her skills in managing teams, creating successful marketing campaigns, and building lasting relationships with customers, vendors, and the community. As a CEO of a successful retail boutique with two locations, she developed a reputation for expertise in buying and merchandising, sourcing popular brands and styles, and building a strong social media presence.

MKYNZĒ’s founder is committed to community outreach through philanthropy work with interns, providing opportunities for her employees to grow, and engaging in speaking events to support woman-owned businesses. With her experience in choreography and performance production, she brings a unique perspective to the fashion industry.

MKYNZĒ’s brand story is one of creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to the craft. MKYNZĒ elevates everyday wardrobes with exceptional pieces that transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Our bold, yet versatile designs celebrate individuality, exploring pockets of drama in personal style. With a balance of approachable luxury and a straightforward mindset when it comes to styling, we strive to romanticize the monotony of life through our collections- making a bold, beautiful statement.

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Mackenzie Lewis, the founder and CEO of MKYNZĒ, is a dynamic entrepreneur with a rich background in retail, design, and production. She has managed and owned boutiques, designed
for Anthropologie, and developed and represented brands nationwide. A University of Minnesota dance graduate, Mackenzie toured nationally as a dance artist and directed a prominent dance art center for a decade. Her expertise extends to interior design and production for performances and events. She is passionate about collaborating with people and brands, sharing her creative vision, and curating beautiful experiences. Mackenzie’s journey with MKYNZĒ reflects her resilience and creativity. She enjoys spending time with her two black cats, listening to vintage music, collecting coffee table books, traveling, and blending romantic and modern styles. Join her in embracing the highs and lows, the love and fear, and the bold and beautiful on this exciting journey.

Julia Egly contributes her strategic expertise to MKYNZE, playing a role in guiding the company's journey towards success and growth. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, she approaches business challenges with analytical acumen and a commitment to innovative solutions. Julia's dedication to operational efficiency and strategic growth has played a part in advancing MKYNZE's growth.

Outside of work, Julia enjoys the simple pleasures of life. She finds joy in cooking, reading books, and spending time with loved ones. Julia cherishes the connections she shares with family and friends, valuing meaningful relationships above all. As a lifelong learner, she embraces opportunities for personal and professional development. Julia's commitment to excellence, thirst for knowledge, and appreciation for genuine relationships make her an invaluable member of the MKYNZE team, contributing to its dynamic and diverse environment.

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